SecureNetTerm 6.5

SecureNetTerm - client/server designed to interface with telnet, telnet-TLS/SSL
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InterSoft International, Inc

SecureNetTerm is a fully functional user friendly windows based client/server application designed to interface with telnet, telnet-TLS/SSL, rlogin, and SSH servers located on UNIX style hosts. SecureNetTerm builds upon the popular and proven NetTerm by adding secure authentication and encryption. The software supports open source encryption software including Kerberos, SRP, OpenSSL, and OpenSSH.

SecureNetTerm includes support for a windows based SSH key agent, SecureKeyAgent, supporting both disk and Smart Card/USB tokens, public/private keys, as well as PKI certificates.

SecureKeyAgent uses state-of-the-art hardware and software integration to ensure that the person accessing your confidential data is authorized, legitimate, and securely connected. SecureKeyAgent has been tested with the Aladdin eToken, RainBow iKey 2000 series, the GemPlus smart card and the Sony FIU-810 fingerprint/PKI token.

SecureNetTerm supports the SSH authentication methods of password, public/private key, Kerberos 5, S/Key, OPIE,hostbased and GSI-GSSAPI. The GSI-GSSAPI method supports the mechanisms of Kerberos 5 external-keyx, Globus gssapi external-keyx, gssapi, and gssapi-with-mic.
The gssapi external-keyx mechanism allows the userid to be determined by the SSH server using the users proxy certificate and the Globus grid-mapfile. The Kerberos 5 support is provided by the standard MIT software distribution.

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